All About Complex Cyst in Breast

Breast Cyst Surgery Video and Description

Those who have watched a breast cyst surgery video probably have a good idea of how a breast cyst removal surgery is performed. If a patient is going to undergo this surgery, watching this type of video can be a great way for the patient to be informed about what is going to be happening to her body. For some people, watching such a video can be a bit scary, but the patient should remember that she will be asleep during the procedure and that she will not feel any pain. Having a surgery to remove cyst, usually a laparoscopic surgery cyst, is very common and is performed quickly and routinely with minimal recovery time afterwards. The recovery process is even more important than the surgery itself and should be treated and taken seriously. Not doing so can slow recovery and make it impossible for the breast to heal.

Cyst Surgery

During the breast cyst removal surgery, an anesthesiologist will put the patient to sleep, usually using gas. Once the patient is asleep the surgeon will make a small incision located near the cyst. Being careful not to cut or harm any vital or necessary tissue, the surgeon will then make small cuts, if necessary, to remove and take out the cyst. After this, the incision will be closed. In the case of multiple cysts, the patient may require more incisions to be made, depending on their location. It is a good idea for patients to talk with their doctors about the laparoscopic surgery cyst removal to be sure that they understand all of this information. Being knowledgeable about the process can make it easier on the patient and will make her less fearful of having the surgery to remove cyst performed. There is really no reason to be afraid, but patients should speak with their doctors about any surgery or healing questions or concerns that they may have. A good doctor will be patient and willing to answer these questions and assauge any fears.

Once the surgery is complete and the patient wakes up, she will usually be given pain medication to take away any existing pain. Tenderness or swelling in the breast, especially at the incision site, is common. The doctor will know when it is safe to remove bandages and will either do so before the patient leaves the hospital or will explain to the patient when and how to remove the dressings herself. Pain may persist for up to a week after the surgery is performed, but it is usually minimal. Getting plenty of rest and not physically exerting oneself and avoiding sleeping on the side or on the stomach or in any way that puts pressure on the breasts will make the healing process go much more quickly. The doctor will usually have the patient come in for a few post surgery check ups to be sure that everything is healing properly. Following all care instructions and continuing to watch helpful and informative videos, such as the breast cyst surgery video, will cause the entire process to be easier and better understood.

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