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Breast Cyst Pain Relief Methods

Many women will experience cyst pain and want to know how to find breast cysts pain relief. While many sites and articles say that the pain will go away on its own, there are still things the patient can do to decrease pain. However, breast cyst pain relief should only be sought after the condition has already been checked out by a doctor. While it is true that most breast cysts are not cancerous, they should still always be checked to be sure that this is the case. In some rare circumstances, cysts can be cancerous and will need to be removed to stop the cancer from spreading. Furthermore, it is sometimes possible to mistake lumps for cysts, and lumps are more likely to be cancerous and are more dangerous. Once a doctor has verified, however, that the cyst is not harmful, it is fine to start finding and trying different forms of breast cysts pain relief. Many of these methods can be done at home for free or for a very low cost, so they are definitely worth trying. Somtimes, a combination of several of the following forms will also be useful in relieving pain.

Cyst Pain

The bra that a woman wears can cause a great deal of pain to be experienced. This is because if a bra is too tight, low quality, or ill fitting, it can cause the cysts to constantly be rubbed or bumped about, causing them to become inflamed and irritated. The best way to correct this is to purchase a professionally fitted, high quality bra that provides a great deal of support. A good fitting bra will be one where the straps and the bottom of the bra do not cut into the body. The breasts should be well contained, though not too tightly, and should be held firmly and securely in place. Many people report that their pain goes away upon getting and wearing a properly fitted bra.

Many women will experience pain around the time of their menstrual cycles. If this is the case just taking over the counter pain medications or medications made to relieve period pain will often get rid of the pain caused by the cysts. Keeping the area well moisturized and touching the cysts as little as possible is also good advice. Some women also report that using the birth control pill causes some of the pain experienced to lessen or even to go away completely. If this is an option patients would like to try, they should talk to their doctors. It is also important to note that avoiding sleeping on the side or on the stomach or in any way that puts pressure on the breasts is a good idea.

If pain increases, however, or stays constant even after trying all of these methods, the patient should go back to the doctor to have the cysts looked at and possibly removed. It is possible for doctors to make mistakes, so getting a second opinion is sometimes a good idea. No one likes having to deal with the irritation and annoyance of cyst pain, but it is possible to find treatment and relief.

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